Forming Strategy

SAE Optimizer+ provides a detailed and guided approach to the development of a Strategic Plan unique to your Physician Enterprise and business context. Our industry experts help to guide the entire process, allowing you and your team to think outside-the-box when developing the Strategy that will serve to guide your Execution. This structured approach ensures that nothing is overlooked in the process. To bullet proof the Plan, a SWOT assessment is conducted which ensures that every strength, opportunity, weakness and threat is considered in the formation of your Plan.


Each objective within your Strategic Plan is broken down into initiatives, and specific actions are identified for attaining the goals identified for each initiative.  Every initiative and action are then assigned to responsible individuals in your organization – including individual Providers in your practice – with timebound goals and predetermined allocated resources.


The final Plan is easy to roll-out to all of those participating in the Plan, as it is securely embedded within SAE Optimizer and will be visible along side actual results of the Plan as the year unfolds.

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