Connecting Strategy to Analytics

Robust intelligence and data analytics track the results of all Strategic and operational initiatives and actions down to the individual Provider level, allowing you to roll-up your results by specialty, location or any other segment of your business. 


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are tracked within SAE Optimizer, including KPIs tracking operational performance, quality performance, Provider performance and/or financial performance.  


Benchmark a provider's results for any Key Performance Indicator against their internal peers, and against external industry performance. 


Benchmark each provider's performance for every KPI against the specific goals set for them.

Scoring and Ranking

Develop customed performance scoring criteria for your Provider group.  Identify quantitative, qualitative and financial performance criteria and weight each appropriately to evaluate overall Provider performance and an overall score for each Provider.


Rank your providers from top to bottom across each performance area as well as their overall performance. Consider scored performance in Provider incentive, reward and recognition programs.

SAE Performance Solutions 

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