Use Strategy & Analytics to Drive Execution

Having formulated your Strategy and connecting it to Analytics, your organization can become data-driven, using the power of data to drive Execution. Successful Execution will drive P&L performance. Your Strategy, Analytics and Execution are all managed from within SAE OptimizerTM


P&L performance is driven down to the individual Provider within SAE OptimizerTM. Provider P&L results are benchmarked against their peers and against industry results.  P&L line items are linked back to those KPI's that drive line item performance improvements. Use "What-if" functionality to evaluate scenarios that improve performance.


Customized interactive dashboards are configured for various defined roles within your entity. Such dashboards serve as summarized views of the business intelligence and Analytics you want to monitor and link to actionable business insights which will drive performance. These dashboards allow you to easily navigate through a deep curated library of reports and powerful Analytics which are relevant to your management role. For instance, dashboards can be created for roles such as the CEO, the CFO, Operations Leadership and your Providers.


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