SAE Performance Solutions

Providing Strategy, Analytics & Execution Solutions

to Physician Enterprises

  • Identify, prioritize, and formulate Business Strategies 
  • Breakdown objectives into initiatives and actions
  • Align organizational resources
  • Receive structured & expert Strategic Planning guidance
  • Identify & track Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) to measure success of Strategy
  • Set goals and timelines
  • Utilize smart data discovery & powerful Analytics
  • Gather AI-generated insights
  • Easliy explore using interactive visualizations & dashboards
  • Track KPI's against internal goals at the Provider level
  • Generate and manage P&L Execution at the Provider, Location, Specialty & Enterprise level
  • Compare KPI & P&L results against external and internal benchmarks
  • Identify trends & outliers
  • Perform What-If scenarios
  • Identify value creation and profitable growth opportunities

      Personalized Insights Delivered to your Providers

  • Rank and Score individual Provider’s Performance across Financial, Operational, Population Health and Revenue Cycle performance areas
  • Deliver auto-generated personalized Provider Insights and management Commentary to each Provider via email
  • Personally engage Providers by embeding personalized Performance Improvement plans in emailed Insights & Commentary
  • As part of your subscription, our team of experts review your entity's monthly results and deliver granular, specific and pertinent insights into your SAE Insights Inbox™.

                   Click here to learn about our new personalized Provider Commentary email service. 

Offered Solutions

SAE Optimizer is uniquely designed to guide Physician Enterprises in the formation of a Strategic or Operating Plan, breaking it down into manageable Objectives, Initiatives and Actions that are assigned to your entire team (including your Physicians!) with goals and timetables. And you can start better managing your bottom line in as little as 7 days with our lightning fast SAE ExpressTM implementation.

Actual results of all aspects of your Strategic Plan are associated with Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) that are tracked against goal within SAE Optimizer.


In addition, your imported enterprise P&Ls are driven down to a Provider level, allowing you to successfully manage the Execution of your plan to optimize your enterprise’s overall profitability, while enhancing the profitability of targeted specialties, locations or individual providers. P&L results are tied back to the underlying Analytics which are specific to your Strategic Plan.


An entirely new approach to managing hospital-owned or private Physician Enterprise performance is SAE Optimizer+™, a Strategy, Analytics and Execution platform designed specifically for optimizing Financial and Operational results.

Understanding the alignment of important performance metrics is critical to your understanding of the performance of your Providers.  For example, comparing Provider compensation to productivity allows you to identify overpaid and underproducing Providers and may shed light on the effectiveness and efficiency of any Provider Compensation Model. 


SAE Performance AlignerTM provides powerful analysis and visualization of the alignment of any two Key Performance Indicators for every one of your Providers precisely benchmarked against their peers and showing how they each rank within the industry. In addition to aligning compensation to productivity, other typical benchmarked metrics include the alignment of encounters, wRVUS and collections.


SAE Performance AlignerTM is offered as a low cost stand-alone solution for a single use analysis or may be purchased for a discounted cost on a subscription basis for ongoing analysis.

SAE Outbreak TrackerTM tracks disease outbreaks such as COVID-19 specific to a given hospital or physician network using charts and dashboards with comparisons to population rates associated with their local service areas. It tracks and trends encounters, test results, infection rates, death rates, etc. by patient demographics (such as patient age, gender and underlying health condition), geographic demographics (such as service location & patient city and zip code) and shows hot spots on a map specific to the organization's local service area.



The CFO's WatchdogTM is a powerful financial and analytics reporting alternative to traditional financial reporting. Unlike tradtional financial reporting, The CFO's WatchdogTM is built on a Business Intelligence "BI" platform which providers an interactive environment which includes drill-down and drill-through functionality, powerful Artificial Intelligence and pre-built Analytics, insightful visualizations, auto-generated "smart" commentary and industry benchmarking.

What We Do

We offer SAE Optimizer and our other offerings as fully managed services under a subscription model. Our principal services include:

Based on your specific needs, we provide the guided framework for Strategy formation, helping to identify Initiatives and Actions tailored to your Business Objectives.  Our industry experts work with you to identify the most relevant Key Performance Indicators and Analytics to track the results of your plan.  We control and safeguard your enterprise data and manage secure data and the Analytics delivery, providing cloud-based anytime, anywhere connectivity via any smart device. We also are available to provide "boots on the ground" Execution support, when needed.  We act as your trusted partner thereby ensuring your success!

Our Comprehensive Approach

We partner with each client to deliver a custom balance of expert resources and powerful technology to optimize financial & operational performance in your Physician enterprise, enabling you to stay on track even when your team is on overload. 

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